I’m ready…

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Dear Friends and family

I want to thank you for your prayers and support. Thanks to God and you I successfully finished YWAM’s Discipleship Training School (DTS) . Yeah it was sometimes difficult for me but God continues to work in me and my heart through what I learnt in this school. I am sure that if He started He will complete if only I don’t give up. I am not going to give up…

Many things where constantly going on during the DTS and we were always busy and I got used to this… So  after DTS graduation I was a bit confused but I just needed some time to think over everything. And I believe this was also Gods will.



Thinking about the question “what is my plan for the future?” I was sure that I knew the answer to this question but then being honest with myself I wasn’t convinced that I knew the right answer.

I always dreamt that my talents and gifts which God has given me will praise His name and that people will see His love through that. When we were on DTS outreach and I was sharing with a teenager in an orphanage about my skills with Photoshop and also basketball, I felt again that desire to use my talents and gifts for God. I had never thought before that God could use me in this way to show His love. It was beautiful how God worked through that.

So for me it’s a wonderful opportunity to use my talents and gifts to glorify God as a part of the YWAM Vinnitsa team, to show His love and creativity and diversity to kids in orphanages and those around me and our team.

I believe that through art God can change peoples lives and draw their thoughts to Him. He also wants that this sphere would be redeemed and be a tool to bring people to salvation.


I am really grateful to God that He is teaching me and directs me in all that I am able to do now

Photography – I finished college of Photography and worked in this field and am still doing some work in this and growing in this. I feel really blessed by this college for this profession.

Graphic Design – Design of post cards, note books, posters etc.

Pyrography (wood burning) – burning on wood items words of encouragement and inspiration.

Drawing – Watercolour and acrylic

Music – I love music and am very interested in it. I like to use music to create atmosphere. Though I not only like to listen to it but I like to create it using drums, guitar and ukulele.


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I would like to continue to serve with all these things, because God has repeatedly through this things shown up and I believe He will continue to. I really don’t want that these talents and gifts would be buried and not bear any fruit and I feel depressed when I am not using and developing them.

So I am asking you to support me with your prayers so I would not become discouraged and disappointed so that I can continue to move ahead. Also I ask you to consider to support me finically so I can keep serving God through YWAM Vinnitsa full time.


My Facebook Page

My Photography Page                                                                                      With love,



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