Music Project.

“Thats how Daddy likes it…”

It has been an amazing music week that was filled with atmosphere of creation together something great and really interesting.

What did we do? We recorded an album with Joshs ideas and music which represent worship in different way. Josh is a guy from England who just joined YWAM Vinnitsa team few months ago, as well as me. He is professoinal jazz musician, he have lots and lots of amazing ideas for the world in music sphere and that was one of them that we made.  I enjoyed it so much and I’m gonna miss this time, because it’s not only about recording and making music, it’s all about fellowshiping during that time and talking, and sharing, and helping, and building relationships – that is one of the main ideas in this process.

But it was only begining, one little step closer to our music ministry in Vinnitsa. And we goona keep working and developing in this sphere. Cause we wanna see young people that will meet Christ through the time of recording and creating music in our studio.

We were so blessed with this guys from YWAM Montana Evan and Max. They helped us to start confidently and powerful. They blessed us with their hard work and knowledge. And they blessed us with equipment which with we can start recording by ourselfs. Thank you guys so much! May God bless you!

You will be able to listen the album after two months. So keep in touch with us to not miss the news about release.


Sincerely, LOGO


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