Transition Home Ministry.

So… Slowly but surely and basically everything is ready for boys to move in…

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That was a long and fast summer at the same time, because there was a lot of things to do. Thanks God for patience, peace, grace and wisdom that He was giving me during that time and I really need Him to continue doing this, cause I can do nothing by myself and I can do nothing till I see Him doing.

On Monday we will go to pick up Oleg and Petya from orphanage and will help them to move in.

Prayer needs:

• For safety road when we will go to pick up boys.

• For Oleg and Petya, so they would feel comfortable around us and the time of getting used to everything new would pass easy and fun.

• For me, that God would give me wisdom, peace and patience on everyday.

• For Serg’s Slager flight at 7th September from US to Ukraine, cause he also gonna help with T-home ministry.

Financial needs:

• We still need to buy a lot to make house comfortable and functional, beautiful and cozy.

• I’m still looking for financial support cause it takes a lot to keep transition home running.



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