My Life For Higher

My name is Paul Kuzmichov


I’m from Ukraine.
I was born in the house of artists.
My father was musician, songwriter and poet before he left us when I was six. Don’t really know much about him know. Me and my brother were raised by only mother, who is professional painter, designer, traveler and wise person. Art is my passion and my desire, so I started to looking for my own ways to tell my story through art.
2 копия

I finished photography college in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. And really happy about it, cause it’s a big blessing for me.
Also, I did my DTS(Discipleship Training School) in organization YWAM(Youth With A Mission) in Vinnitsa. It is a real blessing and testimony about how God provided everything for that. And now I’m working and serving in YWAM Vinnitsa and running such ministries as:

  • Transition Home Ministry
    – It’s a house where I live with a boys who graduated from orphanage (which we visit every week) and came to Vinnitsa to study in local college. So, we care for them as a family and as a brothers.
  • Orphanage
  • Graphic design, Music, Photography and Art


I’m raising money for living and to continue serving in YWAM Vinnitsa, cause I believe it’s good and healthy to care for others and respectful before God to develop talents and gifts which He gave me.

And to continue develop my talents, since I finished my photography college, I had a dream to study in Academy Of Art on a Graphic design faculty. But it didn’t happend because it wasn’t right time for that. And next year, I’m sure, it’s time for this part in my life. Now i’m working hard and getting ready for exams thats coming before they will accept me.
Preparation and actual studying in Academy cost money and that’s where the donated finances also will be used for.

So, I will put it together. How the money will be used:
• For living and serving in YWAM Vinnitsa.
• For my Preparation and Study in the sphere of Art.
• Equipment
• Exhibition of my artworks at Spring

Be a part of my mission that God planted in my heart. And help me to spread the gospel into such sphere as Art in Ukraine.

I will be extremly happy for any donations, even few dollars. Cause it means for me that God is answering to my needs and dreams. And it builts me up in faith and trust, and motivates me to not stop and keep running to Gods calling.

My Account number: 1444814

ECCU routing number: 3222 73 379

And I really ask you for prayer support. Because depressions, struggles and hard times comes because I am a sinful man and nobody said it would be easy, and I knew that. So, I asking you to pray for me to keep my focus on Heavenly Father.





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